Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good stuff, Maynard

Courtesy of the Rottie:
Interesting Cafepress story over there. Hypocrisy abounds. I'm shocked, I tell you....

Managed to survive the trip to Hartville, both the L&T and MIL had a ball, they tell me, so it was worth spending a day that way.

Col Peters has an interestin' article on the Blackwater problem in Iraq. He places the blame where it belongs - on the striped-pants boys and girls from Foggy Bottom (yes, Condaleeza, I'm looking at YOU. Some minimal level of competency would be nice...). As pointed out "a religious cult of privatization and outsourcing" produced our Hessians. And the French glorify their Foreign Legion....
No insanity by the lib-ruls rocks my world today so I'm gonna go to Home Depot and then hang stuff for the L&T and read the paper until game time. Pray for the Browns, although even divine intercession may not be enough.

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