Friday, September 21, 2007

Heinz Day

As usual, I took the anniversary of my natal day off. Gotta go to the DMVfor 2 plates today and then "see" the optometrist. The glasses are startin' to blur a little bit, and they haven't changed. Nice day, maybe I'll scoot around a little later.
Tribe swept the Motor City Kitties. Leyland's boys just got brushed aside, seemingly. Tigers are a good ballclub, but I think they're outclassed. Let's meet-and-beat the Yanks and then who knows?
The Raiders are favored by 3 over the Browns on Sunday. So I look for a 27-3 score. Not sure who gets the 27 but I don't know which teams are going to show up on Sunday.

Her vote on the MoveOn ad was enough to even make the blindest Shrillary adherent able to see her worship at the Temple of Mammon. This is as close to honest as she ever gets... This is as blatant as her Chinese (PLA?) connections...

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