Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Catchup and Management

If your name is Romeo, you're breathing a lot easier this morning. I was so wrong with my assessment of the Bungles game. I thought I was seeing an old AFL game, with all the scoring and lack of defense. The Browns aren't as bad as they looked in the first game and aren't as good as they looked yesterday. Just enjoy the afterglow of yesterday - I have the feeling that it won't happen too much this year.
The Tribe squares off for arguably their most important regular season series starting tonight against Detroit. Go Get 'Em.
Whassup wit' OJ? Did he miss the tender ministrations of Jerry Rivers' lips? (That would be Geraldo Rivera, people) Just can't stay out of the lineup...
Recieved the laptop table from Amazon and spent a couple hours assembling it. Nicely designed with a pivoting surface to adjust your machine. Y'all could do a lot worse than that....

I see Chuckie Schumer has unleashed his sippy cup and is demanding that GWB nominate someone for Attorney General acceptable to Democrats. Bite me, Chuckie. Democrats believe in bipartisan compromise according to their "principles" (stolen from the Soviet Union) that "what's theirs stays theirs, but what's yours is negotiable". Go talk real estate scams with Reid and stop annoying the grownups.

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