Saturday, September 15, 2007

Money Honey

I think the DemCong are on a self-destructive trip. This all is due to money.
Especially Shrillary. Her problems just start from a money angle. From the antics of the Hsu-man to hiring "Pants" Berger (mayhap as a reward for cleaning up part of the Clinton's legacy?) and Dicky Clarke for advice . (I'm not sure N. Hsu wasn't disbursing PRC-PLA money like Trie was for Bill.)
The Democtat Party is shooting itself in the foot and merrily reloading. From the NYT Petraeus ad to the Gonzales lynching to the religion of AlGore. I'm not even including the circus act of that pinched-face turd-polisher Harry "We've LOST" Reid. (Who, BTW, will be the ugliest man in Congress when the representative from the hobbits Kucinich is retired. On behalf of my home town I'd like to apologize to America for the fact of Dennis' existence.) He also is part of the decline of a once proud and patriotic Democrat Party. "My Party in power -right or wrong" seems to be the rationale and rallying cry of Democrats (and a few RINDIDs* who support them).
This has been caused by the cash-control by more one-issue parties ( and George Soros, for example) that are skewing the platform toward the dictatorial/communistic/Big Brother edge. There is no cash flow from the center of the party so there is no power over message. "Money is the mother's milk of politics" said someone I'm too lazy to google. Milk nurtures sinews which project power. And the fringe groups are raising $$ from their true believers.

There is no cure. As long as some folks want power over other folks. There is no cure.

On a related depressing note, the Browns face the Bungles Sunday. Cleveland will be beaten like a red-headed stepchild. Still sucks to be a Browns fan. But Belichek getting busted was cool.
The Indians are still holding first. Magic number is 10. Could get interesting.

*RINDID - Republican In Name Democrat In Deed

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