Saturday, September 29, 2007

Schtuff that pisses me Off

Just when you think Congress has overfilled their azzole quotient yet again, they manage to come out with another blivet. Tell me what you think of these little proposals...

First up is "Cryin' George" Voinovich. He was ok as Cleveland's mayor, hit his Peter level as governor of Ohio and has been a total freakin' disaster as a whining RINDID senator. Now he wants to change the ROE and mission in Iraq to "hold what you can and train the little brown people". It is painfully obvious that Cryin' George has a grasp of history and military science exceeded only by my pug Stewie's understanding of the Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction. He must be removed from office posthaste (by ballot, not bullet).

Batting second would be Shrillary with her plan to give $5000 in tax money to every one of "the chirrun" "Born in the USA" at birth to be used for college or a down payment on a house.
Excuse the fuckoutofme?? The rationale (let alone the Constitutional basis) for this would be WHAT? Pay attention to this national socialist, people. And if she pulls it off, I want the $5K with interest back to 1950. At the Carter years' interest rate of 18%.

Last but certainly not least is Condie and her fellation of the God of Glowbull Warming. Are you people technically ignorant or willfully blind? Cheeseandcrackers, folks. Use your bloody senses... Or your analytical abilities.

Ok, I'm outta here. L&T and the MIL want to go to Hartville. And I'm drivin'. Be good to each other while I'm gone....

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