Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years

Six years ago at 0846 EDT the safe comfortable structure of post-Cold War America crumpled under the first of two aircraft assaults on the World Trade Center in New York. For the first time, the majority of American citizens were forced to face the reality that our social identity and "selfhood" were under sustained attack by Islamofascistic fanatics - and had been for years. The barbarians were seen to be at the gate, demanding that western civilization be replaced by the 8th century construct of a moon-god worshipping pederast's adherents determined to convert, tax, or kill everyone in the world.
Six years later we are still struggling to convince the willfully ignorant that a state of war does indeed exist between our civilization and Islamic determinism. Some (Reid, Pelosi, Schumer) would sacrifice this country for political expediency to ascend to a higher seat of greater power. Some (Chomsky, Moore, DePalma) see denigrating the existence of America's sworn enemies as necessary props to support their egos. Others are too consumed by the pursuit of trinkets and celebrity voyeurism to realize that it affects them also.
Remember the 2996. Support those in the military service of civilization whom have stepped forward voluntarily to protect the rights and privileges of even those who will not understand or accept the fact that this is a cusp and nexus of history. Support the first responders who form the shield of our civilization.
Hug your family and friends today for those who cannot.

May God have mercy on the stunted, warped souls of the Islamofascists.


Greybeard said...

Just to let you know, I stop by daily to check what's goin' on here.
Seems stupid to leave a comment saying "Bullseye!" all the time, so I don't.
Except now...

Anonymous said...

After I posted last year on the anniversary, I thought that the state of American affairs could not be put into words painting a better picture. Only one year later I realize it has. Not because of a change in the social climate, but in fact because as in most facets of life, the pupils rarely surpass the teachers. You and mom have driven into me (and I hope my sister) what it truly means to be an American. Tonight I had a revelation. An interesting correlation can be drawn between being a Browns fan and an American. You know that your side is doing everything in your best interest even though it may not always appear so to the outside observers. Also, when you find out your team takes a hit, you have to keep on supporting and hoping if for no other reason than many before you gave all and many currently are giving all. In my heart I know this. Truth, Justice, and Righteousness WILL prevail.