Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This means war

And not in the Bugs Bunny sense. The Grey Bitch has crossed the line again in pandering to the no-load dip-dunk high-drag low-speed dick-headed liberalcock-engulfing media conspiracy-to-crush-Bush. (And I'm not angry yet..)

And we're not even discussing that sorry sack of fairy-dust-shit named Kucinich. The only TV time Captain Homogenized can get is in Syria praising their government??? Someone should acquaint that waste of Oh-Two with the Logan Act. Read this. And then put his sorry ass on trial.

Words fail me.

Sedition? Nay, there is a better charge. Treason? You make the call...

Indict Pinch and the liberal-from-Middle-Earth. Fonda escaped censure, as did Ketchup Boy. Don't let these azzoles drag America through the mud again.

On the lighter side..... This is from Al-Reuters. ENJOY, lib-ruls....

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