Sunday, October 28, 2007

And He's Off - But You Knew That

WTF izzup with Condi and the other asswipes at State? Go back to the klowns that got us into the mess expecting help?? There has to be something in the water at State that destroys the higher thinking/learning processes - they turned Powell into a craven milksop and now Condi is headed down the same road. Whereinthehell are supporters of this country that supposedly serve this country? This transnational crap must cease or we will follow the Roman Empire onto the dustpile of history.

I don't think that the intelligence and action segments of this country are doing as good a job winkling out the Islamofascists and their plots as it appears they are. I think the Islamofascists have figured out that if our collective noses get bloodied again, we gonna be playin' cowboys and muslims. And the muslims won't wind up running casinos because of their anti-alcohol policies.
Speaking of which, being basically capitalistically based, we should be able to cut the al Qaeda money tree down.

I see where a ring on thieves is targeting Vicki's and takin' out panties and bras in >$4K bunches. The bras'll wind up in a flea market somewhere, but I'd be willing to be that the panties go on the Internet for sale used.

I find it amusing that the MSM paints the demonstrators and rioters as a significant percentage of the population driving the country ever leftward. Lessee now... We'll play a little fast-n-loose with the numbers and see what we get.
Let's figure a rough upper end for college and university protestors and double that for a rough estimate for the size of the "Amerikka Sux!!" crowd.
According to Google, there are 4146 non-profit colleges and universities in the US. If we assume that each of the schools on the average has 10,000 protestors (including faculty), that gives us about 41.46 million. Unfortunately, 2005 census data tells us that there are only 4.226 million folks enrolled in colleges in the US out of a cohort of 29.3 million. So a safe but very high end guess would give us 3 million college-age protestors, about 10%. This yields a rough total of 6 million protestors from MoveOn to NAMBLA to Code Pink. Everybody with me so far? Good.

This is where 2.02% and 4.96% enter the picture. The 6 million represent 2.02% of the total 2005 population and 4.96% of the number of voters in the 2004 presidential election. This is equivalent to Feinstein, Kennedy, Kerry, Schumer and Boxer in the Senate proportionately.

As Arlo said - it's a movement... And if there are 6 million protestors out there, a lot of them are disguised as empty seats.

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