Sunday, October 14, 2007


Spent the last coupla days at Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village with the L&T and MIL. Daughter and SonIL also came, met us, and hung out. Stayed at a nice place w/outstanding attached restaurant. Got adjoining rooms. They bought Electronic Monopoly - which speeds up the game extremely. Played with the game on . Speaking of games....

The one thing that makes a Cleveland fan real nervous is a run of victories by the local teams. Watched the 1st ALCS game and was bummed out. Watched the first 7 innings of number 2 ALCS before we played Monopoly and it was turned off. Found out this a.m. about the win. This is starting to get stressful... Tribe in 6.

Listened to the Browns game into 3rd quarter on the road. Watched the rest (muted, with Dieken on the raydidio) at home. My expectation for the Brownies was 6-10, and I see no reason to change it at this point in time. We couldn't get lucky enough to go 10-6....
Great weekend, I hope you were as lucky as I.

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