Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Scribbling

Indians have had their mental heath destroyed. Good year, but it ends tonight as Bahston goes against the Rockies in the Series.

This is about my 260th post and I'm not sure if I ever laid out the blame for this blog. You can blame it all on Laurence-of-Texas, who was Amish Tech Support and is now Full Of Crap. A couple of years ago he started a deadpool with the stipulation that you had to blog about each of your 10 choices quarterly. On his blog. I misunderstood the rules and started this bit o' business. (Hence the name. My son was the one that chose the URL since he only heard me say that a coupla thousand times.) Wound up in the hospital and was dropped from the contest because I didn't blog for a quarter while I was busy tryin' not to die (pancreatitis can kill ya PDQ).
But I kept the blog because I'm an opinionated survivor. And I enjoy writing it, usually. Plus I've been in contact with a great bunch of folks I'd never have encountered in meatspace. The blog is open 24/7, so tell your friends and remember to tip your server....

Went to the Post last night for a Night at the Races fundraiser. My BIL, who has been yo-yoing with divorce, brought his (estranged?) wife. Made the L&T unhappy, which impacted my well-bring. However, a good time was had by most of us and hopefully we can afford to keep the Post open. BTW - if anybody out there knows of any grants or funding sources an American Legion Post can tap, please let me know immediately. Due to the dieing-off of our older veterans, the pool of possible members is shrinking rapidly. I read somewhere that only half of the guys that made it back from Nam are still alive. I know I've lost a couple since the war...

If any of you are in the NE Ohio area and are an RVN vet, you may remember "Firebase Cleveland" in August, 1988. It was billed as a reunion and welcome home for us. Well, it has been scheduled again for August 2008. I'll keep you posted as I hear more.

Can't work up a state of high dudgeon about Hairball Reid tryin' to suck up some of the charity goodness that came out of his highly unconstitutional letter. In a non-revisionist environment, he would be facing censure for that little stunt attempting to circumvent the 1st Amendment. And damn well deserve it. But since, as Bela Pelosi stated upon getting the gavel, the reins of power now belong to the children, it won't happen.

Nice out. Time to do a little riding. Be good to each other.

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