Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Grabbed a Meme

I saw a meme at Tam's that I wanna play. It's my blog and I'll play if I want to.... So here we go (and if you play - send me your URL).

Number 5 - The Fairchild A-10 Warthog, aka, the grunt's best friend. Or the Iron Cross. Accurate, deadly (a shitpot of firepower), armored, twin-engined-so-ya-get-home, pilots named "Killer Chick". What's not to like?

Number 4 - The Douglas F4D Skyray. Sex on a tailless chassis. Eyecandy of the first magnitude. Will never need a reason to exist other than being a flying beauty.

Number 3 - The North American B-25 Mitchell. Not just for Tokyo, but for Kenney and Gunn's work in the South Pacific. Twin-engined, twin-tailed, gull-winged beauty with a shitpot of firepower.

Number 2 - The Northrop P-61 Black Widow. Twin-engined, twin-tailed, with a shitpot of firepower. Narrowly edged the P-38L only because I read that the P-61 was judged the most maneuverable fighter on either side in post-war tests of the AAC. Besides, the thought of using radar to sneak up behind the enemy at night to use 4-20mm cannons and 4-.50 cals on their rear empennage just tickles the tar out of me.

Number 1 - The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. A rugged, big, fast behemoth that would bring you back alive. If I had to fly a single engine fighter in WW2, this is it.

SPECIAL BONUS PICK!!!! In the "So ugly they're cute, so useful they're necessary, and so flexible y'all can't believe it" category, the hands down winner is the Consolidated PBY Catalina. Butt-ugly, yet graceful, they could scout for 12 hours and then drop a torpedo on your wake. The "Black Cats" were an example of American ingenuity. A lot of American airmen saw the welcome sight of a Cat after they had lost their issued aircraft - and were damn glad of it. More than one sub skipper speaking either Japanes OR German cursed them with their dying breath.

(The second picture is the wallpaper on my laptop.)

No, I'm not slighting the graceful Fortress or the brute Liberator or the sweet Warhawk, but taste in aircraft is, I b'lieve, as individual as pizza preferences. It's all what trips your trigger. Please, play along. Hell, Greybeard, you could do fling-wings for us. My #1 is your steed, the Snake.. For reasons other than appearance...

Now if we want to talk British aircraft...... Mossie, Spit, Hurry, Lysander....

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