Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's a Cold-ass Saturday in Cleveland

Jack has another GREAT post up about the debunking of glow-bull hysteria. Seems that greenhouse gases are not bending to the Gorebot's needs..... Neither should we....

Sounds like Pelosi's buttboy Murtha is digesting some crow over the surge with this being 10 days after his claim we are failing in Iraq. I agree with a jarhead friend o' mine (and Post Commander) that there have only been 4 ex-Marines in the years since 1775: the two Embassy guards in Moscow that let the Sovs into the embassy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Murtha. As an Army vet, I can't directly speak to that, but I suspect he's correct.

The Bad Boy of stunt motorcycling has taken his show on the road for the last time. Mayhap this time he'll beat the canyon.

In the LSM's never-ending quest to defend the American Way of Life and it's political leaders, Erin Burnett of MSNBC has decided that the President is a monkey and announced it to the world at large. She , of course, is responsible for ...any accomplishment beside silicone enhancement of her talents? - AND THERE IS NO LIBERAL BIAS IN THE MEDIA! JUST ASK 'EM!

The Dawg has done it again. Gotta love his slices of life as you envy his life with Babs and worry along with him about his daughter.... Even the lovely-and-talented giggle-snorted when Joe was "convertibile-ized".

Well, tonight the lovely-and-talented and I are going to the Post for a "Poor Man's Reverse Raffle" - $25/head, $1200 top prize, free munchies and keg beer. Hopefully we'll make some cash and continue to stay open.... I expect to win bupkis, so I'm sure I won't be bummed out.

Have a good day and be nice to each other while I'm gone.

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Jack Lacton said...

Hi Old Man,

Hope you're keeping well, win the top prize, eat a heap of munchies and have just the right amount of beer!