Saturday, December 15, 2007

What now?

Not going to pile onto the Chucky Adkins foofaraw - the fact that he has to live with himself could (and should) be punishment enough. If it isn't, he seems like a nicey-nice mama's boy whose mouth has not yet earned him the righteous ass-kicking he wants badly and so richly deserves. He has forgotten the Prime Dictum - The Internet Is Forever.....

Y'know, it's stuff like this that gives me hope for this country even while Hillary is running for coronation. (That reminds me, the country owes Shrillary a vote of thanks for her efforts to keep the economy afloat by re-distributing donated foreign cash to various flacks, investigators, yes-people, and LSM types who are pimping her soon-to-fail campaign. Not to mention the ads and studies she pays for....)

Well, the leopard has finally admitted that he is striped. Bloody amazing that the cretins finally came out and admitted their underlying desire to cripple the US economy.

Iffen you're in the mood to spit beverage-of-choice into your keyboard, go see Og and read this.. Wet myself almost I did..... That's funny, I don' care WHO y'are.

Tomorrow's game will be interesting. Probably painful to watch and NOT due to any staples... Be nice to each other while I'm gone to Marc's...

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