Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rainday Schtuff - Snow Possible

I think it's about time to have a combined all-hands-above-GS-12 meeting for the CIA and State Department in a stadium-scheduled-for-demolition and use it for a live-ammo Warthog and MOAB exercise range. Read this and this (courtesy of tips from the Rottie) and tell me it's not time to mandatorily retire all SES personnel from both agencies. The decay at the interior of both agencies has reached cataclysmic proportions and there is no hint of any mending on the horizon. I had hope for Condi, but I think that John Bolton would need help from Chuck Norris to clean up the mess.... Would make a fine flick, though. "'Stache and Hurt"....

If you're curious about what happens at presidential news conferences that aren't broadcast, you can catch still photos here.

Speaking of photos, I'd like to introduce my two barkers: First Stewie-the-pug:

And now Scarlett-the-minpin. She is 16 or 17, he's 3.

No particular reason, except Rachel always posts Sunny's pictures and I wanted to show her what my cute dogs look like....

Well, time to be about the day. Browns-Jets @ 1600, with a fair chance of a win. Would be nice if the D showed up for a whole game on the same day... Be good to each other while I'm gone..

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