Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blasting the Past

So the interrogator that worked with Saddam says that he really didn't have any weapons of mass destruction - it was all a bluff directed at Iran. But I seem to recall some 155 shells with binary agent warheads were discovered (as well as used in IEDs), around 3 dozen if I recall correctly. Now since these aren't considered to be WMDs by the Pelosi/Reid/O'Donnell axis then perhaps we should take a Warner & Swasey SC-28 down to the floor of the Senate, spin one of those "non-WMD" shells up to mix the binary agents and detonate it in place. Perhaps that would alter the nutroots' view of what a WMD is... But probably not.

Good article at Cold Fury. An examination of the Clinton phenomenon. Since Phred is Dead, I don't have a dog in this fight we're calling an election - no matter who wins I lose. I can forget retirement - I'll be working until I'm 90 after the money-sucking-weasels America is going to elect get done with me. And they are all money-sucking-weasels. From Obamamama's out-of-focus airy-fairy socialism and Shrillary's cheat-based naked power hunger to the NYT-endorsed officer who is a communist in "maverick" clothing and a couple of EastCoast lib-ruls with Republican paint jobs this country is screwed. I don't see any of 'em I'd vote for for Sewer Commissioner. So I will not complain after the coronation, as I will not vote for any of the political whores that will "grace" our ballots. To quote The Rifleman - "Remember, in order, soap box, letter box, ballot box and cartridge box." I'm not going to make the same asinie staements that the lib-ruls did when GWB was re-elected about moving out of the country - hell, the backlash to the 2008 election may well rival the Reagan-led one that followed Peanut Man's reign. For sure we will not have the same country in 2012 we have in 2008. To paraphrase LtCdr Tom Dodge of the USS Stingray "May God have mercy on our souls...."

I'll be in the company area all day. Carry on.

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Bob said...

I was a Fredhead, too, but I sure do want either of the eastern librulls to beat McCain. I can get behind either Giuliani or Romney. They are tied for a distant second to my first choice, but I surely would take them over the Clintons.