Monday, January 21, 2008

Murphy Always Rides Shotgun

Still haven't left for Cincy; we kinda hit a roadblock. The L&T hit a retaining wall in her van coming back from a meeting yesterday. Ambulance transfer to Metro where I met her. Took her into her doc this a.m. for a followup. Doc cleared her for the trip, so as soon as she's ready we're rolling. Luckily it looks like she was only bruised - and I haven't seen the sheet metal yet. So we will see what we see WRT the van when we return. If worse comes to worse, we have to buy her a new-to-us vehicle a year ahead of schedule. As long as she wasn't hurt, sheet metal can be replaced.

UPDATE - We safely arrived at the Bear's apartment and wife promptly started cleaning his kitchen. Which freakin' needed it. He has a 65" LED HD tube and satellite input. The L&T was very impressed by the picture, even with her macular problems. She also had no problems riding down here, so it's all good. More later.

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