Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snowy and Sunny

As if his campaign needed it, the New Jerk Slimes endorsed the Little Admiral for Prez. Should be the kiss of death unless this country is a whole lot worse off than I think.

Run over to the Rottie and catch Achmed. He's a hoot. The stories are even funnier. At least to an infidel. (I own this t-shirt that says "Infidel". Makes the L&T crazy every time I wear it.)

Well, now that Phred has broken all the true conservatives' hearts, I've found another candidate that is truly deserving of our support. Examine her platform and tell me you disagree with her positions. My thanks to Kim for the tip.

Been taking warfarin to thin the blood so my doctor will put me on the Waffle Iron of Death. My original cardiologist was out of the country when I was first scheduled to undergo it and the new doc freaked out because I wasn't on blood thinners. So they've added a 14th pill to my daily pill total. I'll keep both of you readers posted on the project.


Greybeard said...

Fourteen pills?!
Holy feces Mr. Farkle! With all the possible side-effects, how do you know if you're actually sick?

Don't know who I'm voting for since Fred and Jeri have withdrawn.
It could take a while to adjust to the idea of voting for a Canine-American, and a BLACK Canine-American at that! And aren't Rhodesian Ridgebacks too bellicose for the office? Our Schnoodle Lucy is much less aggressive and is expert at pandering, but she is only 14 in dog years, so we'll have to wait another couple years for her run.

Sounds like you're in good spirits so I'm hopeful all is well with you and yours, in spite of bein' a mobile pharmacy.

Bob said...

Rachel Lucas' blog is as good for the commenters as for theblogposts she writes.

I am on the coumadin regime, plus four others. Cariologist saved my life Dec 18. Now trying to get rid of blood clots in both lungs.