Friday, February 01, 2008

Ain' No Sense in Goin' Home..

...Jody's got your girl and gone! As someone who got "Dear John"-ned in 1969, I found this blogpost to be absolutely hilarious in a poignant sort of way. Found it on a new milblog. Extract:

I know you have to hate me. I promised that this would never happen to us, but it did. Life’s funny like that, isn’t it? While you’re half a world away, getting shot at for a living by (insert enemy here), protecting freedom, justice, and the American way of life, I’m discovering my inner concubine, getting penetrated by Jody’s inferior geothermal thunderstick on a nightly basis. But he’s a far better cuddler than you ever were, he flatters me every morning, and he communicates with me! Imagine that, you insensitive prick.

Thass funny, I don' care who y'are.. Get thee hence and RTWT.

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