Saturday, February 16, 2008

Been a Week Already

Well, I've been cut off from the 'web since Tuesday A.M. I'd had the pain in the belly that was very reminiscent of the gut pain prior to the 2006 hospitalization. The L&T had been in my face to go to the doc Monday, but I promised her if it didn't get better I'd go Tuesday (had some shipping stuff to do that morning or there would be problems). In at 0600 and out by 0730. She grabs her keys and we're off into the snow headed for the ER.
Get to the ER and mirable dictu! No one is waiting in the waiting room! On gurney in treatment room w/vitals done and explaining everything to the doc - 7 minutes! By the time I was transferred to Cleveland Clinic and had arrived - 1030 hours.

So I have been hospitalized since then with what was diagnosed as stones in the bile duct. I'll have a laparotomytype operation outpatient followed by more imaging and/or diagnosis. Stay tuned, I know I am.

Courtesy of the Rifleman, an editorial that I think is close to the heart of America.

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Greybeard said...

Some would say "you've got stones!", and mean it as a compliment... and you want to get rid of yours?

I think that's the first time I've seen laparotomy printed out. Neat word. Let me know how it turns out... I may wanta be cool like you. Bam!

If I can find your email I'll drop you a note with a proposition. Be watchin' for it.