Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Ba-ack

Well, I didn't give up on the blogging biz, I got stuck in the hospital. Again. I went in for an ERCP on an outpatient basis on Thursday Feb 21. I was told that approximately 7 out of 100 patients have to stay overnight after the procedure due to bleeding. I actually bought off on that.

I was released today.

Seems I spiked a 100+ degree fever after the procedure so they "held me over" and re-did the procedure again on Friday and added to the merriment by installing a stent (due to come out on March 19) for good measure. Then they discovered there was an infection of the blood so I was held over on intravenous Zosyn until the bloodwork was clean. I felt good but the medicos were very cautious (I was back in Cleveland Clinic.) So I finally got cut loose today - when Thunder Thighs and the Changemeister have invaded my hometown to hold a yakfest. Not to mention the 8" or so of snow we got overnight.... BTW, it's great fun watching Thunder Thighs self-immolate.

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Greybeard said...

So you've had a hose in your mouth then? I look forward to bein' edified about how that felt.
Glad you survived the harassment. I'm beginning to wonder what you've done in your lifetime to develop the Karma that causes you to suffer the way you have since you started blogging!
Repent! (Demon, leave this man!!)

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