Saturday, February 09, 2008

'Spensive Satidday, Lucy

Well, the lovely and talented has made a decision regarding the replacement vehicle for the van she totalled 3 weeks ago tomorrow. (Oh, I didn't mention the accident? My bad.) We're replacing her 2002 Windstar w/95K miles on it with a black 2007 Jeep Patriot with 10K on it. The thing that really steams my clams is that my PT is going to be paid off next pay period and I was looking foward to saving some $$ for retirement from not having a car payment. So much for that plan... But she thinks she'll be happy with the new-to-us ride and that is the most important thing. We were planning to replace it next year or the next anyway, but this replacement was necessary.

Wowsers. I just realized that once again the oldest thing in my "fleet" is my bike, as it should be.

If you need a concise overview of the American political scene, check out this letter from P.J. O'Rourke. I particularly like "Hillary is America's ex-wife" and "Dennis Kucinich swept the Mars caucuses". RTWT.

I see where the latest info on the Archbishop of Canterbury is that he can hardly wait to pay his jizya or convert. A total asshat who should be tried by his beloved sharia court. Perhaps for consuming alcohol in his sacramental wine. Under sharia it's three strikes and you're beheaded, I believe. Or is this yet another case of a pointy-headed liberal trying to make others do what he has no desire to, as is their wont.

Well, off to catch one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies. Always had the hots for Jamie Lee....

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