Sunday, March 16, 2008

Schtuff Part IV

Shrillary has finally revealed the depths of her self-deception. She has proclaimed that she "has crossed the commander-in-chief threshold". Excuse me? Now I have to be honest and say that if the US of A were faced with the spectre of hundreds or thousands of bimbo eruptions, I would prefer her hand at the helm due to her wealth of experience. But the only military constant in her life and political career has been a deep loathing for the military due to the fact that they are sworn to uphold the Constitution, not her policies and whims. Or those of Bill-the-sock-puppet-who-was-king.

This country is not ready for another bout of Clintonitis - it may be mortal this time and I have no doubt she'd give Peanut-head a run for worst president since Grant. Obama? The original bullshit artist full of airy-fairy feel-good platitudes and no stones. He has a hard time running a Senate staff, much less anything important. McCain is so full of his (and the MSMs) image of himself as a maverick, he thinks he's flying a Tomcat now. The problem is that the only three possible choices we have now are all socialist apparatchiks. This bodes very badly for those of us who grew up under the traditional American values of thrift, loyalty, patriotism, and self-reliance. When our representatives (not leaders, they work for us and are supposed to fulfill the platform run on) are walkin' around with "a handful of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged" we are so deep in the nuoc mam that breathing is difficult. Everything from buying into the global warming lies to unfettered "undocumented" illegal immigration to letting the Congress ruin our economy because they wanted "fairness in lending" and mandated loans be made to folks who were not credit-worthy (the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and Community Reinvestment Act of 1977-can we say mortgage defaults?) is combining to form a "perfect storm" that has harmed this country more than the GWOT. The mouth-breathers have learned how to suck cash out of the lib-rul programs and vote themselves more and more. This will be the election that determines how fast we go down the slippery slope to being just like the EU. And unlike the EU, there will be no one to pull us out of it or prop us up.

That's today's happy thought. Here's today's warm-n-fuzzy...

The Stew-man and Baby-Dog takin' it easy and eatin' anything they can get their paws on.

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Dan O. said...

I agree, voting for the "lesser of 3 evils" is more than just a saying this time.

Unfortunately, the lesser of the 3, was more than 3 down on my original list of who I would vote for.

Hopefully, whoever gets elected won't be able to fully destroy the country and people will wise up in 4 years and we can recover.

Here's hoping.