Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ah So

As the ancient philosophers of Cathay once cursed "It's always something" "May you live in interesting times". I figger no matter which one of the socialists gets lucky, we're in for 2-4 years of Carteritis or something equally scary. Shrillary could destroy the judiciary - wonder if she could nominate Bill for the SCotUS once his disbarment is over? Bambam's airy-fairy approach to international realities and the fact that he knows much better than we do how to spend our money will destroy the US as an effective agent of change for at least 50 years. Mav wants to open the borders and the Treasury to the illegals as well as the terrorists. He gets a few points for supporting the war effort and the 2A, but his other social and fiscal policies evinced in the last 5 years are pandering to the masses and the media. Anybody that thinks the next administration won't be tested as W's was early in his first term, please look at it from the Islamofascist point of view. A couple of million bucks and a few disposable muji-types - maybe even home-grown in one of our prisons! - can wreak havoc asymmetrically on a wide-open system like ours. Hell, I can think of half-dozen ways to put the hurt on an industrialized nation with less than 10 folks and a million bucks - and at least 2 of them are almost dam-fool-proof.

Interesting times.

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Dan O. said...

I heard someone on the radio talking about Bill Clinton being appointed to the SCotUS by Shrillary, if she gets elected. (shiver)

I'd hope he couldn't get confirmed by Congress, what with having been impeached or censured or whatever, for perjury.

Of course he is 'Teflon' Bill Clinton.