Saturday, April 12, 2008


For the last 5 years, I've been askin' folks what seems to have had the merry hell aggravated out of them by Dick Cheney's existence why. I get nothin'. I was talking to the lovely-and-talented this morning about the foofaraw over the reflections in his sunglasses and said, "After the kerfluffle a year or so ago about the photo of Cheney that made him appear overly-developed, it wouldn't surprise me if Cheney picked that photo out himself for release." The bride exploded about how she couldn't stand Dick Cheney. When pressed for a reason, all she had was "he's arrogant". When I mentioned that if arrogance was the criterion, Eliot Spitzer would be a pinata and Hillary would have been "Fostered" at about the time of Whitewater, I got the discussion-kill: "I'm not going to argue with you." Of course the only proper reply to that is "Then why did you make such an asshole statement?" and if that is said, "Katie, bar the door".

I chalk it up to envy - how many folks have the ability to run a multi-billion dollar corporation? But the question that remains is whom are these folks gonna hate when George W. and Dick retire next year? An entire industry available for re-tasking after January 20, 2009.... Wonder if it'll be more profitable than Air America was. Surely can't lose money as fast...


Dan O. said...

Most people when pressed don't have an original idea for why they hate President Bush either.

It's always the same tired retreads. He lied. He went to war for oil. He's fighting his daddy's war. He stole an election.

All lame excuses which they picked up from the MSM, not factual reasons for their hatred.

The Old Man said...

The best part is how decently the history books will treat W.