Friday, April 18, 2008

Go over to the Roger and thank him for alerting me to this:

I love the hypocrisy in our Senate (repeal the 17th Amendment!) and the Admiral is pretty predictable if not reliable...

The Indians still seem to be shell-shocked from the playoffs in 2007, so they continue to suck (even though I'm bloody glad I'm not a Motor City Kitties fan even though I've watched the Tribe play in Motown). {Insert something here about bulls and banjos} but the pitching hasn't exactly been an 88 mm. on mild steel armor, either. Yah, there are 162 games, but being 8-10 games under .500 after April is going to make your season memorable. And probably not in a good way... Browns had a fair to good draft with Quinn the Eskimo holding the #1 placard then the experienced Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers in 2nd and 3rd (with higher salaries) and no pick until the 4th round with #122. Suck it up.
Sorry, don't care about roundball - but as an old fart from Cleveland, I expect the Cavs to crash-and-burn (sorry, Greybeard) like the Browns and Indians have done - "Ripping our collective hearts out since 1964" (last pre-Super Bowl year and last championship for Cleveburg. Since then no closure (thank-you-Joe-Table... Sorry, once the meds kick in, I'll be fine fine fine..).

But the weather was out-bloody-standing for April-in-Cleveland. As I hope it will be for y'all this weekend.

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