Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, after being here in the Clinic since 5/9/08, I finally got some real information yesterday instead of the usual felgercarb. The surgeon (hiya Charlie!!) that worked on me and removed my gallbladder and 60% of my pancreas in 2006 has accepted my case and the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. It appears on the films that I have a polyp blocking 99% of my jejunum in my intestine and bupkis was getting through. So I have had 2 meals since 5/9/08 and have lost ~ 30 pounds. I have a PICC line that's feeding TPN (or, as I call it, "artificial food") directly into my superior vena cava. The biopsy of a slice of it was indeterminate, and one radiologist says "benign" and the other says "malignant". So tomorrow the surgeon goes in to settle the disagreement. Funny thing - my son is scheduled to graduate from the U of Cincinnati on June 14th. I PLAN to be there. But then again I PLANNED to be at my daughter's graduation and wedding in 2006, but was here at the Cleveland Clinic in a coma instead.

I'll let you know what happens....


Dan O. said...

Hoping everything turns out fine, Old Man! Hang in there.

Greybeard said...

For now, why don't you just plan on surviving this procedure so you can come back here and feed us some more Bullshit?!

Prayin' for ya pal.

Update ASAP.