Monday, May 19, 2008


Figured out how to tickle the computers here at the Cleveland Clinic into giving me access to post! I hope...

I had been in Parma Hospital until Wed 5/7/08 when I was released. The Lovely-and-Talented Wife was sure it was too early, but I was pushing hard to go home.

As usual, she was right. Wound up going to the ER Friday afternoon (and having 2 liters+ of bile pumped out of my nose through an NG tube)and was here in the Clinic that Saturday. I've been here ever since, doing X-rays, another NG tube, MRIs and other fun stuff. Worst part is I feel pretty good and really don't want to be here... Well, that and watching the Tribe get porked by the Reds. Could not care less about the Cavs - LeBron James isn't going to get his championship ring until he's gone to another team. Oh, and the Browns will go 5-11 this year. You heard it here first..


Dan O. said...

Hope they let you out soon, Old Man.
Gads, I hate hospitals. Get better soon!

Greybeard said...

I'm hopeful the nurse that was feeding the hose into your nose while sweetly saying "swallow, swallow" was cute as a bug while she tortured you with that thing.
Gad, what an experience that has to be!

But I bet it was either nurse Ratched or some hairy male.
Tell me I'm wrong.