Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Day Is Done, Gone The Sun, From The Hills,..."

It is my fervent hope that anyone paying to abort a child is not automatically condemned by God. Otherwise Harry Reid has sentenced all American taxpayers to hell. (But the Pope doesn't seem to care, as long as the trip is "green".)

It has now been conclusively demonstrated that the ruling class in this country has determined that the will of the electorate shall bow before the personal-power-driven desires of the elected illuminati, just as Hopey bows before those whom he wishes to pander to. For a mere $450 million of taxpayer money, Senator Ben Nelson (Lackey, Neb.) has agreed to become the 60th nail in the coffin of the freedom of the American people. (About 1.5 times what it cost Reid to buy Landrieu's vote.) He's using our money to buy his wet dream and that of the unproductive lower class. Bereft of desire to improve themselves, they served as willing electoral fodder to the socialists of both parties who are now in charge. Pity them and their ignorance of the Weimar Republic. How 2008 recalled 1933. But even the American gleitschaltung has failed to penetrate the invincible ignorance of the Fiddy2ers. So then must our descendants pay the price in misery and terror.

The grand experiment known as a republic is over. Ben Franklin was right - we couldn't keep it. I just hope our ancestors won't treat us as shabbily as we did the Constitution.

UPDATE: Chris Muir explains the political narrative behind the of the end of the nation very clearly. And Friday saw the closing of the 134th to 14oth banks to fail in calendar 2009. Sleep well tonight.....


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