Sunday, January 31, 2010


Would you be more likely to support the policies of the "Party of No" (as the Democrats have christened the GOP; although I prefer the term "Party of NO WAY!") or the policies of the "Party of Leave the Money On Top of The Dresser"?
An anonymous commenter stated (in reply to the Newsbusted clip) that
No the only thing lower than Obama's approval rating is Bush and Cheney's approval ratings the last four years of their "reign".
Could be, but (s)he seems to have neglected the fact that Hopey has 3 years to go and he's tryin' real hard.... Also seems to have glossed over the fact that Hopey's own Valerie Jarrett proclaimed him "ready to rule from Day One" - and Hopey appears to have believed his own sycophants. Since the American electorate was promised "All Obama, All the Time" in the SOTU campaign speech, we'll keep a weather eye on the approval ratings...

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