Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to the Salt Mines

Extracts from Alan Caruba's Christmas column on his most excellent blog Warning Signs:
Most certainly, taking at face value anything “the government” has to say on any topic is the height of folly. It exists as the instrument of anyone and any political party that holds the reins of power. As such it disgorges masses of “information” that is intended to herd the public in directions that will ensure they remain in power while, at the same time, often engaging in the most appalling abuses of power, including neglect of duty.
History is testimony to the most egregious errors of judgment by presidents and congresses that arrived with their biases and ideologies intact. We want to know what principles a president adheres to. Some like Reagan believed in America’s greatness, its exceptional place and role. Others like Obama arrived with their views carefully hidden behind meaningless phrases such as “hope and change.” Obama’s first executive order was to deny access to his entire life’s paper trail of documents.
Alan is an accomplished journalist with a clear view of the insanity that permeates DC and a willingness to call out the powers that be for malfeasance and misfeasance. Today he joins the blogroll - big deal, I know, but he's been a daily read of mine (and I've swiped his material before) so onto the roll with him.
Try him for a week. You'll like it.....

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Alan Caruba said...

I am forced to agree with everything you have posted...but I may be a bit biased. ;-)

Thanks for being added to your blog roll.

Happy New Year!
Alan Caruba