Sunday, December 12, 2010

Planetary Exposition for the Masses

Brigid explained the whole Mars-and-Venus, male-and-female thing very neatly on her blog:
Men don't buy the cap snaffler, anything by Popeil or the simple. Men are drawn not by "easy", and "quick to use" but terms like "industrial strength", "tested in non nuclear warfare" and "will withstand 4,000 foot pounds of foot pressure!" because men contain some DNA within them that strives to be the best at every profession there is. A man isn't jut a man, with the right equipment he's fireman, paid assassin, grill chef, engineer, nuclear physicist, cowboy.
Go read the whole thing - her sense of humor is very refreshing.

And I'd like to thank the darlin' for conjuring up that mental picture of her and a new Colt Commander.....

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