Friday, January 07, 2011

Alan Goes Yard Again - Twice!

A lovely pair of rants about food and busybodies and my favorite group of .gov azzoles is served up here and here by Master Carnuba:
The Greens and their counterparts who pretend to represent consumers spread endless lies about agricultural methods, chemicals used to safeguard and preserve the shelf-life of foods, as well as the foods we choose to eat. They destroy production by getting water shut off to farming areas by claiming some specie is endangered. They threaten the freedom we savor along with a delicious meal.
The next article ties the Greenie insanity to the puling pustules and merry malarial murderers of Uncle Sam's Eternal Pain in the Ass* and other crimes against humanity:
DDT. Starting in 1972, an EPA ban essentially ended its use anywhere in the nation and other nations followed suit. A year later a court upheld the EPA and that is an object lesson in what happens when matters of science are decided by men and women, lawyers, with no training or background in science. The DDT hoax continues to cause malaria deaths, particularly in Africa and mostly affecting women and children.
Go and read, but not with a meal or fragile objects near to hand because you'll just varfle or break up the joint....

* - aka USEPA

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