Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cry Havoc and Loose the Dogs of Law!

The pack over at the Rottie's (Lord Pao An, Subotai, to be precise, bless his beady stratetegeriffic heart) has generated a Lao T'ze level stratagem for use in the turd farm in Wisconsin:
The quorum requirement that covers this bill is from Article VIII, Section 8 [Finance] of the Wisconsin State Constitution. Short form, for all bills having to do with money, the quorum is set at 3/5 of the Chamber. Fair enough. But …budget bills are the only bills that require a 3/5 quorum. All other business is governed by Article IV Section 7, which specifies a quorum for each House of the Legislature to be 50%+1.

Hold the Budget Repair Bill in abeyance until they have an Article VIII quorum. In parallel, start passing a simple one page bill that a) ends all collective bargaining for all government employees in Wisconsin, b) decertifies all public employee unions, and c) creates a joint House-Senate STUDY commission to determine how pay and benefits will be set for state employees. With no Democrats in the Senate, committee hearings should be somewhat quicker than usual. If they stay out of the Capitol, the bill can be passed handily. If any one of them shows up; they get grabbed, cuffed, and stuffed in their chair in chambers [perhaps not literally, but it is a wonderful thought], and the Budget Repair Bill is brought up for a vote.
I have a hard time imagining a more interesting course of action that appears to be legal, moral, and sane all at once. Perhaps Governor Christie could make those circumstances play out, but I fear not even he or the 'Stache would try it.

But DAMME if 'tisn't a pleasant will'o'the wisp........

....But, yanno, the UN (Harry S) was able to reinforce S Korea because the Sovs were off having a propaganda hissy fit protesting the inclusion of Taiwan instead of Communist China in the bloody UN. Mayhap history will revisit that eddy of cause and effect through a different stage...

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