Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moodies - See Your Somewhere and Kick One Back

Mi amigo Greybeard posted a Moody Blues video after Tivo'ing one of their concerts - one of their better efforts titled "I Know You're Out There Somewhere". Probably my favorite post 70's MB tune is "Your Wildest Dreams". The video even tells a short unrequited-love story. Enjoy....

Ain't the Intertubes wunnerful?


Greybeard said...
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Greybeard said...

I started your video, then clicked "comment" before realizing it was one one of the videos I wrote about in my above, (now revised because your vid is one of the two I refer to) comment:

"Your Wildest Dreams" is also one of my top four Moodies tunes. Some time back I posted their version set to the video of the Blue Angels flying routine...
A double win!

And a while back I saw a show dedicated to the M.B.'s (on VH-1 I think) that had a compilation video of "Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere", with Justin Hayward supposedly wooing some fine-looking young woman while his band was doing the one-night-stand stuff prior to hitting it big. They split up, then the band gets popular.
In the "You're Out There Somewhere" vid he's constantly hoping she'll come to one of their concerts and come to the stage door after the show.
She does.
A neat pairing of two great tunes.

Thanks for the great music and the link, brother.

Anonymous said...

she should never have married the accountant