Sunday, March 27, 2011

Suspicions Reinforced

This is nothing that nasty, suspicious minds (like the one I'm sportin') haven't been pretty damn sure was true anyway:

Since its inception in August 2009, the Progressive Talent Initiative, or PTI, has trained nearly 100 pundits who have appeared 800 times on television and radio. Media Matters uses that metric to pitch donors for more contributions, but its leadership believes that the surge of camera-ready liberals has recaptured lost ground in the media wars against conservatives. “There was a chronic imbalance,” said David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, which picks up the entire cost of the course. “We didn’t just want to accept that this is the way it is.” Brock is a former conservative writer at the American Spectator who was instrumental in efforts to discredit Anita Hill and to oust Bill Clinton, and who made a sharp left turn a decade ago. The primary mission of Media Matters, he said, is to obsessively monitor Fox News and call attention to its distortions. But now it’s moving into the operational phase, transforming from observers to shock troops. The organization, he said, had to “professionalize the training and booking” of a left-leaning counterpoise.

So now you know where the waves of pointy-headed lib-rul yapsters are being trained. Read the whole thing and marvel that the WaPo was secure enough in their ability to hoodwink the voters that they had no compunction about doing a story about the propaganda academy in the paper. Gotta love it.

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Greybeard said...

Control the media, control the populace. And since the Cronkite days, (maybe even before), they've had that ability. And that's why they're now soiling their undies and talking about re-instating "The Fairness Doctrine"...
Free speech is only a good thing when it furthers their (good and all-powerful) agenda.

As an aside, I wonder...
How long will it take the kids of today to realize how horribly they've been raped? I think there could be real trouble when they finally realize they took this screwing with a smile on their face.