Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boggles My Mind

That just because it is the 21st century, that the laws of economics seemingly will not force a change in society like the last time the rulers had no money and became bank puppets. Or the time before that, etc. Maybe my sense of timing is faulty...

The nations of the western-model civilization have hit the fiscal wall (as a group). The Moslem nations will be worse off (as a group) when the crunch impacts. Right now I see a global impact with a footprint comparable to the Black Death numerically, the Visigoths societally, Constantine's conversion spiritually, and the Holocaust governmentally.
As the Western powers are riding an accelerating fiscal tiger, the jackals of the Hadith are suckling at the teat of the global thirst for petrochemicals. These are mutually dependent and the tiger will slay both. Demographics seem to show an overwhelming increase in the total percentage of professing Moslems. (Nothing similar to the Reformation has hit Islam - but it is overdue....)
Only half of the voters actually pay income tax? Another 25% show more funds returned than paid into the system?
Cloward-Piven, anyone?
And the screws of the nanny-state-bureaucracy will tighten on the world as it goes up in flames.

Not like the Watts or Hough or Detroit riots of the past - even though the riots-to-come will have a "low" death toll - but these will be in the suburbs and exurbs (thanks to the interstate system around most urban areas).
Not like the Somme but Armageddon (after the 12th imam is supposedly ushered and summoned in Jerusalem with thermonuclear fire). Interesting times will follow.

Unrestricted immigration has destroyed Europe as it is destroying the USA. Not optimistic at this point, because Hopey just started waving his amnesty flag. Big Sis has procedures to acceptably grope a six-year old white kid (haven't seen any photos or footage of non-Caucasian kids or hijab/burka wearers being groped by TSA but a lot of kids, amputees and nuns are on the web).

Let's give the ballot box another good shot....

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