Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brother - Sing It!

I am a firm believer in God in whatever name you want to give him, whether hit be God, Allah, Zeus, Ra, Gaia, etc... And, I truly believe that ANY man, woman, or child should be able to pray to the god of their choosing and should be able to worship their chosen god however they want. If you want to kneel and pray, sing in tongues, chant, rub parsley into your belly, or whatever. You should be able to do those things. But, you should NOT have the right nor ability to oppress someone else from worshiping their god their way just because they don't believe the way you do.
And if one does not "hold these truths to be self-evident" - well, I think we have a problem. A potential fatal-knife-fight-in-a-phonebooth problem. I will not hold to be treated like a serf or dhimmi. Nor, I believe. will be a significant minority of my fellow citizens.
The folks-in-charge in 2012 will open a can-of-whoop-ass too late on the Islamic aggressors - and it will be too late.
We will live in interesting times. And some of us will survive.

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