Sunday, May 01, 2011

Required Reading for Lib-ruls and Conservatives

The 'net's resident beautiful redhead writes about chivalry. This essay is NOT optional - it stands as a companion piece to KDT's Pussification of the American Male and needs to be engraved on the souls and psyches of far more homo sapiens:
People espouse the Middle Ages as being little more than Pestilence, Black Death and no YouTube with the concepts of that day being outdated, or worse, by their own basis, misogynistic. What do we have now to replace it? Materialism without ethics or effort, and baby daddy's, greedy trophy wives, teen moms, and uncouth, plastic infused bimbos who get their own reality TV shows without any bit of skill or talent. This is our alternative to "the Dark Ages", a generation of people who fail to understand the difference between "can" and "should"?
You may now leave and go read it. Thank you kindly, Miss Brigid. Your writings struck a ringing chord in my soul.

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