Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Queen is Gone

On Tuesday afternoon May 10, Scarlett was put to sleep by her trusted doctor. At 19 years old and suffering from a brain tumor that caused oxygen deprivation, the difficult decision was made to help her cross to the next life. The hole she leaves in the psyche and soul of our family is immeasurably larger than the volume that her slight frame occupied in realspace. She had been with us for more than half of my children's lives and taught all of us quite a bit.
Rest in peace, min-pin extraordinaire. We will all miss your warrior spirit.

I'll see you again on the other side.


Greybeard said...

Tough, ain't it?
I'm sorry and know the pain well, my friend. You'll see her everywhere in your home for a while.
Smile when that happens and know she's alive in your memory.
She'd want you to do that.

Anonymous said...

*big internet hugs*

With pets, the most merciful option is the most diffucult one...

LeeAnn said...

I'm so sorry this is belated but my heart hurts for you and you family, losing her like that. I'm glad you had the decency not to make her suffer. You all and she were lucky to have each other.