Thursday, May 26, 2011

VDH Clears the Bases!

Of course, electricity prices will skyrocket and coal companies might go bankrupt under my initiatives. In addition, I foresee $4-a-gallon gas — another necessary sacrifice for weaning us off fossil fuels and shrinking our carbon footprint. Some of you might consider trading in your eight-mile-a-gallon clunkers, especially if you did not take my prior advice to properly inflate your tires and tune your engines.
Do yourself a favor and read what Mr Hanson has to say on "truth spoken before the act" and imagine what the results on the election might have been....

“Too many of our doctors unnecessarily take out tonsils and amputate limbs in search of profits. So let me be perfectly clear: At home, we need a new, comprehensive, federally mandated health-care plan for all Americans. But for unions and various Bay Area progressive groups that already take care of their workers, I promise exemption from the new costs and burdens. And I further promise that in my first four years, no one will frequent my White House more than Andy Stern, president of the SEIU. By the same token, if a profit-hungry company wants to relocate to a right-to-work state, I will do my best to stop it.”

Too precious. RTWT.

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