Friday, November 11, 2011


Remember the vets today. Our Post is going to a nursing home to put on a program and recognize the 16 vets there with a goodie bag and branch-of-service caps. Tonight is our Veteran's Day dinner. Most of us are fat old men now. Unimpressive as individuals....

But we have manned the ramparts.... And still do.

UPDATE - In a nondescript nursing home on the outskirts of Cleveland I was privileged to converse with the following individuals among others:
a 155mm howitzer gunner whose Field Arty unit had fought almost to Berlin prior to being shipped to the Philippines to await Operation Olympic and invade Japan;
a Marine machine-gunner who island-hopped from Guadalcanal to the Philippines; and
a Mustang pilot who'd transitioned from T'bolts and had 2 air-to-air kills

I trust they also had a good day. They sure as hell brightened mine. Visit a vet before they are gone and touch history. Awe is a good feeling.

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Greybeard said...

Good for you. From those of us who had to work yesterday...
Thanks for taking care of our heroes.