Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Decision(s) 2012

I am not in the slightest manner happy with the alternative candidates to Hopey McChange. The field running for the Republican nomination is a description of mediocre and flawed. As near as I can tell, right now the best pairing would be Santorum and Rice - and that is about as likely as Rev Al Sharpton admitting his corrupt past and surrendering to US Marshals - - both have good-but-not-great constitutionalist credentials lacking in the front-runners ......
Said before, am saying this again - the best bet for conservative/Taxed Enough Already citizens/voters in 2012 is to concentrate on voting into office representatives and senators who share our views on the Constitution - and hold them to it.
Fat chance. But the only one that is peaceful. Economic collapse tends to be very painful, but not deadly, according to history (although the collapse has deadly consequences for some). Ballot box is out best bet at this point.

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