Sunday, May 06, 2012

November 2012

Borepatch has an interesting take on the upcoming election here.  I'm not sure that this isn't entering "removal of nose to spite face" territory but major thought went into this one.
A RINO President will demoralize the one significant spark of change that we've seen, the only reaction to an out of control Fed.Gov, our only hope of putting the brakes on before we're as wrecked as Greece.  And quite frankly, a withering of the Tea Party reform movement will be a delight to a GOP Establishment every bit as corrupt and venal - and power mad - as Nancy Pelosi.
Very bitter medicine for the Republic if taken as directed.  Og, OTOH, uses a very neat comparison to climbing to illuminate the race. 
 I don’t see how the nobility of dangling at the end of a rope, helpless, is somehow morally superior. I’ll take survival over submission every day.

Only November will tell the tale.  Go read both viewpoints of these gentlemen.


Borepatch said...

Thanks. I actually don't counsel despair, and so Og and I are both (sort of) saying the same thing.

Sort of.

Greybeard said...

November of '10 sent an undeniable message.
November of '12, with State/local/municipal results can do the same.
I don't like Romney, but he's NOT OBAMA. A Conservative Congress is very likely to get Romney's undivided attention.
Vote. Choose the most Conservative candidate available.