Thursday, June 07, 2012

I Wonder

I wonder if the failure of all the global markets are about to crash down on us (3-5 years)..
I wonder if the US government mismanagement of our financial system (I'm .looking at YOU, Dodd and Frank, you freaking corruptocrats) is finally going to destroy western civilization through the re-application of  QE3 a Kenyesian-based economic fantasy equivalent to being forced into a fascism/socialism/communism/nannyism by well-meaning unproductive high-self-esteem consumers conviction of their entitlement right and infallibility of that social construct.  The percentage of taxpayers versus filers is sour and getting worse..  We may be thoroughly screwed.  I would not be surprised.
I wonder if the time-frame I see (6-12 years) for the active fall of innovation and civility in the West to occur is too pessimistic (all my friends know that "a pessimist gets only pleasant surprises", a comforting mantra.)

Or not pessimistic enough?  I intend to thrive and carry on, any way it breaks.

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