Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sumsay and Cleerly

Two absolute indicators of bias and porkies.  Anytime a "news story" uses the term "some say" it tells me that the writer has taken leave of the facts in the matter and has taken to sub-rosa editorializing pushing the opposing view with no justification.  Anytime a politician or political flack uses "clearly", they are lying through their teeth with a smile on their faces and malice in their hearts.  (Yes, I'm looking at YOU Gibbs.)  More out-and-out porkies and fabrications have been told using that phrase than either "There I was..." or "This is no shit...".

I wonder if Sumsay is related to Sumdood.  Seem to hang out on the seamy side together......

1 comment:

Greybeard said...

I don't know Sumsay, but I am QUITE familiar with Sumdood, as in...
"I was just walkin' downa street mindin' my own bidness, and Sumdood shot me."
That Sumdood really gets around!

Hope you're havin' a great time up there.