Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Eleven years after the day the towers fell, there is still an unwillingness on the part of the American public to understand that freedom-as-we-know-it is still under siege by the forces of Islamofascism, much less deal with that fact.  I firmly believe that the only thing that has prevented another massive terror incident is the uncertainty of the magnitude of the response in the minds of the possible perpetrators.  I'm pretty sure that a nuked New York would not be seen as an even trade for a radioactive Mecca and Medina in their eyes.  Perhaps a glowing Jerusalem....

America leads the First World and suffers from First World problems of our own creation. Without a vast surplus of goods and food, the breadlines of the Depression would not have been replaced by the EBT cards of present-day socialism, rendering nigh-invisible the fiscal sinkhole we have created in the name of compassion.  A sense of entitlement is the prevailing sentiment of nearly half of the population while more attempt to climb on the gravy train.  I am not sure anything short of the derailing of that train would wake the Kardashian-watchers.  But another 9-11 might.

God help and bless the USA - we need it.

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