Thursday, September 13, 2012

A State Department Memo That Will Never Exist

To:     Citizens and Leaders of all 193 UN Member Countries; from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe
From: The United States of America

Subject:  International Relations

Under generally accepted international treaty law, the embassies and consulates of a foreign power are to be treated as the sovereign territory of the foreign power - protected and secured not only by the power's security force but the armed forces of the host country.  This appears to be sadly lacking in some locales, as has been recently demonstrated.  Due to suspiciously-timed violence upon various and several diplomatic facilities of that type by so-called mobs that culminated in the death of our ambassador and three other Americans, it has become necessary to re-evaluate our security vis-a-vis our embassies and diplomatic facilities.
Commencing immediately, a sufficient force of Marines or other armed personnel to defend each of our facilities in foreign lands from assault by either civilian or military adversaries offering injury to either the personnel or sovereign facility is hereby authorized.  Weapons, ammunition, demolitions and equipment will be transferred under diplomatic seal to each facility.  Further, the rules of engagement for said defenders authorize the use of deadly force to preserve the perimeter of the facility or the lives of the personnel therein.  If the perimeter is breached, force up to and including weapons of mass destruction may be employed, with the concurrence of the National Command Authority.
Any nation where this occurs will immediately have all assets possible frozen and confiscated, as well as any monies promised to said nation permanently canceled, whether due under trade agreements or treaty terms.  All diplomatic contact will cease until such time as the threats are no longer credible.  All treaties, trade agreements and contracts are to be immediately abrogated.  Students, tourists, business personnel, diplomats and United Nations representatives from the host country will not be permitted to enter the USA and any present will be deported within 30 days.  If the citizens of the host country hate the USA enough to invade our sovereign territory, the United States diplomatic corps will leave that country.  Any facilities owned by the US government will be destroyed or rendered useless to the host nation and any leased/rented facilities will be rendered useless  prior to that leave-taking, by any method the US determines to be necessary, up to and including military force.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Ted Nugent
Secretary of Reality

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