Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hadn't Thought of This THAT Way...

I've noticed what  seems to be a deepening current running through the conservative blogosphere vocally supporting the so-called III% movement.  AM over at American Mercenary makes the following observation at the tail end of a great view of Ranger training and competence:
Think about it this way: if you take the kill/loss ratio from the US experience in Vietnam, and apply it to the current US political atmosphere against the "Three Percent" then there would be not enough Three Percenters left at the end of the war to have a political voice.  There may be a few lone wolves howling at the moon, but they will be dismissed.
 I bet the powers-that-be are willing to pay the implied 56K dead and would consider it cheap at the price, since it wouldn't be their fannies.  Food for thought.
BTW - read yesterday's post about collapse.  More exercise for the thinker.

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