Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pardon Me - What the $^##@* Is Wrong With Them?

Go read this whole thing and explain to me how that could be proper.  Or legal.  Or right.

The USEPA has been funding greenie activists as well as:
forcing commerce and industry to adopt a so-called 'green' agenda when many of the required technologies and solutions that would enable such an agenda don't yet exist.  The cellulositic ethanol debacle is a prime example of such folly.  As the Wall Street Journal summarized: "Congress subsidized a product that didn't exist, mandated its purchase though it still didn't exist, is punishing oil companies for not buying the product that doesn't exist, and is now doubling down on the subsidies in the hope that someday it might exist. We'd call this the march of folly, but that's unfair to fools."

Give me a break that isn't my neck....  The ethanol mandate is destroying America's internal combustion engines as it raises the price of foodstuffs (ask Mexico).   I only wish this were the worst folly of our spendthrift gov and their out-of-control planet-worshipping supporters, but this is merely a sideshow.  Look at Solyndra (and other solar companies) or the bigtime Slush Fund known as the stimulus, for example.  Or the bailout of the auto companies and subsequent destruction of the middle-class-owned auto dealerships owned by non-libs. The working class is being decimated-in-the-original-sense by those who claim to be their champions.
Times are going to get very interesting.  Very soon.  Ask Cyprus.

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