Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Since the 9/11/12 Benghazi "riots" resulted in the death of an ambassador - and the first US ambassador killed in 33 years - is it too much to ask to find out why?  Who did it and what was the motivation?  What steps were taken?
Who - the ambassador and 3 other Americans, "rioters" and "militants" present at embassy and "safehouse"
What - The above-mentioned were killed and possibly physically violated.Couple of hard-chargers reacted under/against/in spite of ROEs/orders - almost saved the day and died in the attempt..
When - 9/11/12
Why - Many theories ranging from a WH plot to save an endangered ambassador for PR gains prior to election to a "provocative"Youtube video (unseen by all but .0002%* of the online population of the world).
Where - A safehouse that was not .physically or diplomatically safe. 

And it seems to be nobody's fault or decision.
Of course Hillary will be castigated, but she only did what her ideology made her do.  So did all the other true believers in Foggy Bottom.  But the rot has moved down, not up. Not that will be actionable.

* - Truthfully false, but the total views of the "provocative" video prior to 9/11/12 was bupkis.

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